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Latest offers

Pepper sauce crab

One of our signature dishes is now available every day of the week. We do, however, recommend that you order it in advance when making a reservation.

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A variety of starters

If you would like to taste several dishes and don’t want to settle for one appetizer, we have prepared a special selection of starters, served on a wooden board. You can order the starters for two or more people.

Our menu

Japanese & Taiwanese whisky

The Japanese Nikka and Suntori, and the Taiwanese Kavalan are said to be some of the finest whiskies in the world. In Shambala we offer five different labels, including a three-litre bottle of “Nikka from the barrel”.



To ensure that Shambala doesn’t run out of inspiration, we’re constantly up to something new, be it a viticultural event, tastings, special offers or benefits for regular guests

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Shambala’s greatest hits

Lemongrass beefsteak

How come it’s so delicious?

The secret is in the quality of Black Angus beef and in our special marinade made of fresh lemongrass and other asian herbs. Slightly spicy, and tender, served with taro root and snow peas: it’s a winning combination of texture and taste.

Thai curry

Damn hot!

True thai curry has to be spicy. As opposed to its Indian counterpart, it’s made mostly of fresh chilies and herbs, hence the spiciness. At Shambala we make our own curry paste, which takes a lot of extra work but is definitely worth the hustle.

Chocolate souffle

With home-made mango ice cream and coconut cream.

The chocolate souffle, one of the best French desserts, meets Asia… and becomes even more perfect. A warm, dark chocolate cake with a runny centre, smooth coconut cream and cool mango ice cream are a real treat for the senses.